Which Are the Male Enhancement Techniques?

Now that the society already has a fair idea on the effects and side-effects of surgery, most people have begun to opt for other safer methods for their desire to increase the size of the penile organ. Men have always longed for improving the dimensions of the male organ. Many normal men in a lure to have an augmentation in their dimensions have tried to make changes through surgery. With use of silicon implant and phalloplasty surgery, they did attain the needed visual appearance. The improved thickness and increase in length by up to 3 cm was achieved. But, unfortunately, there have been surveys and reports claiming, that those who did go under the knife face loss of sensation, and erectile dysfunction, and not to mention the scarring.

To play safe, these days the non-surgical methods are the most sought for techniques. Many use pills that claim to increase the size. Can a pill make change in the anatomy? Well, if you logically analyze, you know anatomy cannot be changed permanently by any pill. But yes, there is an effect of the pill, which is improved blood supply. With improved circulation, the sensation also increases, and so the penile organ engorges. Pills improve the libido too. Thus it gives the user a feeling of increase in size though these are not permanent changes. Herbal pills are considered safest.

Man people have tried patches and creams. There are a number of these products that are for male enhancement. How these creams and patches work is the same. These give short term effect by improving the blood supply. With good blood circulation, the increase in size is achieved. These have a positive effect on improving the time of intercourse by maintaining the erection for longer duration too. But again these are short term goals and give short term effect.

Since ancient times, man relied on exercise for every cure. Male enhancement too is successfully achieved by various types of exercise. Regular exercise practiced daily for a fixed time, will give positive results. Though slow in bringing about changes in size, these exercises are known to have more permanent effect. Jelking and Kegel exercises are a few to name amongst exercises. All you need is bout 10 minutes of exercise daily which is known to bring about changes in a long run. Besides, since there is no artificial drug intake, or any instrument used, male enhancement exercises are the safest and the considered the most reliable one.