What is the Best Penis Enlarger Method

Though there are many penis enlarger methods available on the market, not many of them truly offer the safety and effectiveness that is promised to you. However, there is one particular penis enlargement device that stands apart from the other devices and methods;

Penis extenders are growing popular at a steady rate. These small devices are not only effective at enlarging the penis effectively within a short time period, but are also safe to use.

In order to understand this, it is important to understand the basic anatomy of the penis.

The penis shaft has three chambers running within it. The two chambers are called corpus cavernosa, and are the largest of the three. The third and smallest chamber is known as the corpus spongisum, and is responsible for urination and ejaculation of the penis.

The corpus cavernosa is responsible for holding 90% of the blood that flows into the penis, which in turn helps the penis grow in length and sustain an erection. The capacity of the corpus cavernosa thus dictates the size of the penis during its erect and flaccid state.

Let us now look at how the penis extender uses this bit of knowledge to enlarge the penis;

Penis extenders are small devices. They are made up of two extension rods, head and base. This whole device is so small that it is able to fit into the palm of your hand. This allows the user to wear the device without it ever being noticed.

Once the penis extender is put onto the penis, the two extension rods begin to apply a force of traction to the shaft of the penis. There is only ever enough traction force to gradually stretch the penis without ever causing any injury to it.

The force of traction that is applied to the shaft of the penis in turn forces the cells of the erectile tissues of the corpus cavernosa to multiply, thus increasing the capacity of the corpus cavernosa. This then allows more blood to flow into the penis, therefore increasing the overall size of the penis, both in length and width. The increase in penis length is noticed both in its flaccid and erect state. These results are permanent.


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