What Are the Best Penis Enlargement Exercises? You Don’t Need a Device, All You Need is Your Hands!

Best Penis Enlargement Exercises — Not Pumps — Not Weights — Something Else Entirely!

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps can be dangerous, number one. Number two, the effects that they have on our penis is temporary at best. And a lot of times that temporary gain is just one big floppy penis.

Pumps have the ability to turn a raging erection into a dangling, useless one. Not a pretty picture. Don’t mess with pumps. Not to mention, that if you use a pump, you run the embarrassing risk of getting busted.

Hanging Weights

Hanging weights from your penis is another no-no. Talk about dangerous. Did you know that hanging heavy weights from your penis for extended periods of time cuts off blood flow? Do you like having a penis that works?

I thought so. Play it safe. With manual hand exercises, which we’ll get to later, we control the pressures and forces that we exert on our best buddy. Therefore injuries are almost impossible. If your follow a proven plan, that is.

Diet & Lifestyle

Lots of guys don’t even realize it but diet and lifestyle factors often have more impact on penile hardness, girth, length, and performance than exercises.

Putting the right penis enlargement exercises together with a superior diet and clean lifestyle allows you to pack on girth and length like you’re going through puberty… even faster actually.

In fact, just a few changes in diet can have your penis blowing up on the girth side within a week or two.

Starting a cardiovascular program and eating the following – fish oils, arginine, garlic, cayenne, ginger, walnuts, flax seeds, and blueberries – will have your girth just absolutely ballooning within a couple of days.

Best Penis Enlargement Exercises — Proven, Unique Manual Hand Exercises

Hand Exercises

(Winner!) Hand exercises are the best. Far superior to pump, weights, and others.

These hand exercises include exercises like jelqing for girth and stretching for length. Of course, you have to learn how to do them properly and in the right unique sequences.

Jelqing involves forming an ‘o’ shape with your hand and milking the semi-erect penis forward. Stretching involves pulling the penis by the head away from the body with your hands and holding for a predetermined duration.


Everywhere that we go our hands go with us, that is advantage number one. Advantage number two is that hand exercises are powerful, yet don’t take a whole lot of time.

Imagine waking up early and sneaking into the bathroom to do your exercises before anyone wakes up. You’ll be done in about 10 minutes. How’s that for fast, stealthy, and effective?!

Also, hand exercises are safe because we exert the pressure and stresses, not some machine or weight. We have amazing control and injuries are almost non-existent.

With hand exercises there is no fear of getting busted, which is awesome. I don’t want anybody knowing. Well, my girlfriend feels the changes…a lot, but I just tell her that it’s my new diet or something.

Having a truly big penis is the best feeling in the world, it’s something that money can’t buy. If you follow the knowledge of a unique and proven program, along with using my dietary guidelines, you’ll become as big as you want.



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