The Truth About Penis Enlargement – Natural Penis Enlargement Facts You Need To Know

I’ll start by answering what’s probably the foremost question on your mind. The truth about penis enlargement is that, yes, it does work. Natural penis enlargement is possible. The hard part is separating the genuine methods out there from the scams that won’t do a thing besides suck your wallet dry and possibly cause you serious medical harm.

For permanent natural penis enlargement, you have two main options (I don’t count surgery as it’s largely ineffective and ridiculously expensive, and pills and patches are only temporary solutions).

First, you have penis extenders, or penis stretchers, as they’re also known. A penis extender is a small device that you attach to your penis and wear for several hours at a time throughout the day. Quality extenders are made to fit comfortably underneath loose-fitting trousers. Extenders work by exerting a constant, consistent traction on your penis. The traction causes a stretch, which allows the cells in the penis to split and subsequently reform longer, wider, and stronger.

Extenders provide the fastest results out of any natural penis enlargement method. They’re also among the safest; doctors in a multitude of countries now approve the use of penis extenders by their patients with full confidence. Unfortunately, the speed and ease of gains comes at a premium: most extenders run anywhere from $300 – $400 U.S. Keep in mind, however, that the one-time payment will result in positive change lasting a lifetime.

Your second option comes in the form of natural penis exercises. Penis enlargement exercises provide slower results, but at a much reduced cost, with the best enlargement programs carrying a price tag of $60 – $100 U.S.

Penis enlargement exercises, like extenders, rely on traction to force the cells in the penis to split, expand, and enlarge, but instead of using a stretcher device, you stretch your penis with your hand. Exercise programs give you a variety of routines to perform that specifically target length and girth. The best programs provide you with video and picture instruction, which almost completely negates any risk of injury. Several doctors endorse penis enlargement exercise programs, but not quite to the same extent as they do penis extenders.

Some companies won’t hesitate to pander low-quality exercises and devices on an unsuspecting public, which has unfortunately had the effect of blackballing the entire penis enlargement industry.

The truth about penis enlargement, however, is that the best companies in the market – the ones who actually care about customer satisfaction – have spent huge amounts of time, effort, and money, developing penis extenders and penis exercises that actually deliver on the results they promise.