The Truth About Penis Enlargement – I Went From 5.5 Puny Inches To VERY Well Hung – Fast!

I went from a puny penis size of only 5.5 inches to very well hung very quickly and permanently. I used methods which any guy can use safely and easily without having to buy expensive products or surgery. The following is the truth about penis enlargement.

Pills do not work. All the herbal stuff you see advertised on television will do nothing for you except shrink your wallet. The only pills you can take that have any effect on your penis are prescription PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra, and even those will only temporarily improve your erection quality. They won’t increase your size or structure.

Pumps are just for erections. Although they’re dangerous, they’re somewhat effective at helping men with ED become hard by drawing blood into the shaft. However, some unethical companies have been marketing pumps as enlargement devices, but don’t be fooled. A pump will not increase the actual structure of your penis.

Penis extenders are dangerous. These are the devices that cost several hundred dollars that you wear on your penis all day. These can constrict blood flow for long periods of time and cause permanent numbness if you aren’t careful. Don’t do it; there are better ways.

Hand exercises are safe, easy, and they work. You can use your hands to put traction on the shaft of your penis and its soft tissue chambers which will elongate and expand them permanently. I learned how to do this by studying traction and the anatomy of the penis online, then taking action with a defined exercise plan. I went from 5.5 inches to very well hung and started seeing gains within two weeks.

If you are ready to take action like I did and increase the size of your penis FAST, here is a link to the exact method I used to go from a humiliating 5.5 inches to very well endowed:


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