The Truth About Penis Enlargement – Don’t Be Fooled

When it comes to getting a bigger penis, there’s no shortage of information. Unfortunately most of it is misinformation, stemming from products that look to prey on the insecurity of those looking for a solution.

It’s not fun and I’ve been in the situation where I looked anywhere and everywhere for a solution to my embarrassing inadequacy.

I’m going to share with you one simple rule about penis enlargement: If you want it done right, you need to do it yourself. Don’t expect a magic pill, pump, stretcher, or surgery to do it for you overnight.

“But why don’t those things work?” you might ask. Simply because these methods do not work to manipulate the natural anatomy of your penis.

The penis is made up of three chambers, each being surrounded by a spongy tissue. When sexually aroused, these chambers fill with blood and once completely filled, you have reached your maximum size.

* Pills do not work because they simply increase bloodflow to your penis, but do not increase the size of your inner chambers. Therefore you still have the same limited size and the most you will experience is a slightly longer erection.
* Pumps are the worst of the bunch because they simply create a low pressure vacuum around the penis. The blood (high pressure) then expands outward without any increase in the tissue or chamber size. This can result in broken blood vessels, internal bleeding, and even tissue death resulting in removal of parts of the penis.
* Stretchers pull the tissue of your penis and so the chambers may actually expand lengthwise. The problem is that any growth will be exclusively lateral and result in a very skinny-looking penis.
* Surgery often goes wrong and is very expensive. There are easier ways to achieve enlargement than putting your penis under the surgical knife.

So what can offer you a real solution? Natural penis exercises use your hands to manipulate the penis tissue in gentle yet targeted exercises. The exercises slowly and safely mold the spongy tissue and allow it to regrow larger than before. To truly learn how to get a bigger penis you need to dedicate yourself to a schedule that can help you achieve your goals. I followed a program known as The Penis Advantage which helped me organize workouts that would ultimately help me achieve my penis enlargement goals.

But I’ll Warn You: These exercises can take a couple weeks and I don’t want you to be discouraged. For this reason I want to give you access to my “3 Easy Steps” report which gives you 3 proven tricks to make your penis appear bigger to women while you wait for the exercise results to kick in (they’re really neat, trust me!).