The Truth About Penis Enlargement – 2 Wrong Beliefs With Male Enhancement

In this article, there are 2 wrong beliefs that hurt most men in their pursuit to a larger penis. The male enhancement industry is notorious for much misinformation and many marketing gimmicks. All of these have brought about disappointment and frustration.

The first belief related to male enhancement is that surgical enhancement will guarantee to add size to your penis. This is certainly false.

In reality, there is no surgical procedure to date that can provide a 100% guarantee to add size to your male organ. The surgeons with this claim are either lying or unwittingly marketing their services with hype. You must understand that any surgical procedures involving the penis involve a lot of risk. Health risks include permanent scarring and possible infections. There are rare cases with loss of sexual function after the operation which may lead to impotence as well.

The second wrong belief due to inaccurate information is that permanent enlargement is impossible. This myth can be associated with the possible frustration and disappointment of the many men who tried with scam pills and worthless products. These men end up failing in their attempts to enlarge their tools and generalized that permanent enlargement is indeed not possible.

The belief of many men is that penis can be enlarged only for a short time. But it will eventually return to its original size. This is usually observed with penis pumps and male enhancement herbal products which offer temporary effects.

The best way to enlarge your penis is through penis enlargement exercises like jelq. Like the way exercises expand your muscles, these penile enlargement exercises will help expand your penile tissues. Look for videos online to see how to do these exercises.