The Brave New World of Male Enhancement Studies – Thickness is the Thing

The male enhancement industry has always operated under a simple assumption: women want men with longer penises. Believe it or not, but this is simply not true. Not many scientific studies have been done on penis length, but the few that have taken place all confirm one thing:

It’s not length that women are after. It’s girth.

Analyses by Masters and Johnson, as well as Kinsey, who are universally recognized as THE pioneers of sexual studies, have all proven that women prefer a wide penis, which more thoroughly stimulates the vagina, over a lengthy one, which actually does not enhance sexual sensation.

More recent studies confirm this. In 2002, a study published in European Urology said that a staggering 90% of women found a wide penis more sexually gratifying than a long one. A similar study in America resulted in the exact same percentage-90%–of women saying wider was better than longer when it comes to the genitals. Only recently has the male enhancement industry taken notice of these startling statistics.

So why have male enhancement products so often focused on length? Likely because for centuries, we have been trained to think of penis size in terms of inches (as in length). We’ve never stopped to think about the key ingredient of sexual pleasure, friction, and how girth gives a better grind than length.

How can male enhancement products help create a wider penis? It’s not easy, and very few products currently on the market even address the girth issue. But the latest generation of male enhancement programs do address girth head on. They think outside the box of simply jelqing and work on a more well-rounded penis.

The best product is one that not only focuses on increasing width, but at the same time encourages length and stamina and overall sexual health.