The Best Male Enhancement Method to Lengthen and Straighten Your Penis

A lot of men would love nothing more than to have a bigger penis, since time began men have been fixated with the size of their members and have looked for ways to make them bigger. There are now a number of male enhancement methods on the market, some more effective than others, some more expensive than others and well some that are more dubious in their claims than others. With so much information around (and a lot of it misinformation) I thought it may be a good idea to talk about the best male enhancement method available.

The options for male enhancement are as follows

1. Surgery: releases the fundiform ligament and the suspensory ligament, results are usually unsatisfactory except in the case of overweight patients. The cost of surgery can run into the thousands of dollars.
2. Pills: there are a number of pills now available in particular online unfortunately it appears they do nothing to enlarge the penis, the American Urological Association has quite clearly stated that there are no penis pills that work. The cost of pills is usually in the order of $150 a month.
3. Penis pump: using a vacuum pump which is placed over the penis can be mildly effective, but you must use caution when using a penis pump, over enthusiastic pumpers have been known to cause ligament damage in the penis. The price of penis pumps range, but a good one will cost you around the $400 mark.
4. Jelqing: exercises which involves stretching the penis repeatedly by gripping the penis with the index finger and thumb (forming an “ok” grip) and repeatedly pulling out ward from the base of the penis to the head. This method is actually quite successful with gains of an inch or two in length and girth not uncommon. The downside is the time needed to perform these daily exercises. The cost for Jelqing (aside perhaps buying a guide and some lubricant) is free.
5. Hanging: hanging weights on the penis to make it bigger is a long used method, this one is fraught with danger, overdoing it can lead to impotence and nerve damage. The cost to purchase a set of weights and hanging device are around $300 – $400
6. Stretching: using a stretching device is one of the more safe ways to enlarge your penis. The penis is stretched using a device which can then be warn inside your clothing. Gains of up to 4 inches have been reported in clinical studies for this method. A good stretching device will cost between $150 and $250

So you can see from the list above using a stretching device (or traction device as its also known) provides the safest and most effective method.

when you are looking in to male enhancing methods, do your research, check with your doctor and remember it takes time


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