Rank of Best Penis Enlargement Pills

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The pills are endorsed by an MD, doctor Khalid Alzwahereh, a Medical Herbalist, G. Alexander, and a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Michael Carter. This has further served to secure the trust of customers and to consolidate the top rand and position held by ProSolution Pills on the penis enhancement market.

Michael Carter is Doctor of Clinical Psychology who comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After graduating high school, Dr. Carter obtained his Associate Arts degree in respiratory therapy from the Los Angeles Valley College and worked for several years as a Respiratory Therapist.

In order to learn more about world culture and knowledge, Dr. Carter joined the United States Navy as an air traffic controller. He served onboard the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk for five years, which took Dr. Carter to 5 continents and many countries throughout the world. Dr. Carter left the Navy to pursue his business interests and educational goals.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in behavioral science from National University and later received both his Master’s Degree and his Doctorate Degree in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles.

Dr. Carter also has years of extensive training in “Relationship Building Concepts & Philosophies,” and couples therapy and is the founder of the Institute for Relationship.

Khalid M. Alzwahereh is an M.D. living in Los Angeles, California. His resume is truly impressive and testimony to his hard work. Dr. Alzwahereh has nine years of experience in orthopedic surgery as chief of an orthopedic department and three years experience coordinating and directing six clinical programs. He was a medical quality assurance instructor and a leading authority on supervised research programs.

Dr. Alzwahereh has extensive clinical expertise in Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Urology, Tissue and Organ Transplant. He is currently working as a clinical instructor at the Bryman College, after having successfully completed his OSHA training.

Dr. Alzwahereh is certified to perform delicate full flexed total knee replacement surgery and to use the Ilizarove surgery methods. He is also a certified instructor for medical surgical techniques in orthopedics.

So, as to the question of the rank of best penis enlargement pills, one only needs to look no further than the doctors who endorse the product, as well as the many satisfied customers who rave about their results.