Penus Enlargement – Is It All One Big Scam Or Is It Really Possible?

Men everywhere have been looking for ways to enlarge their manhood for centuries. It’s nothing new! For thousands of years we’ve been desperately searching for a safe, natural penis enlargement solution. For centuries it hasn’t been found…

Hi, I’m Johnny Sweet and I’ve searched for years to find out whether penis enlargement is possible. I’m here to tell you whether there are any that work, and who they are…

Since the internet took off lots of penis enlargement sites have claimed to have found a cure; a pill here, some weights there, or the latest ‘special’ exercise. Men have desperately been seeking a solution and have desperately put faith in many enlargement pills, books, pumps, weights, lotions and potions. Want to hear the sad truth about these?


Most products out there are a SCAM! A big, fat LIE to take your hard-earned cash from you. There are only a handful of products out there that can safely and scientifically enlarge your penis.

I’m going to tell you the products that are most frequently scams! The products which do MUCH more harm than good. (These are the ones that could damage your penis forever.)

If you avoid these products then you’ll protect your penis from harm and save wads of cash…

The most expensive is penis enlargement surgery:

If you have $20,000 to spare to leave you with little or no sensation and maybe impotence then pay for penis enlargement surgery. No reputable surgeon organization supports penis enlargement surgery; not one!

Penis Pumps:

These can cost as little as $20 and as much as $950. I’ve seen the whole range. I even tried some when I was young and stupid. Penis pumps DON’T work. They tear your delicate penis tissue (which causes long-term damage). I was in pain for about 3 weeks after religiously using a penis pump — it’s lucky I’m not impotent!

Penis Weights:

Listen, I know some tribal people do it and I know it stretches their penises, but please! Weights tear away at your tissue, sever your nerve endings and leave you impotent for life. I promise. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself! A whole world of pain awaits…


After doing it enough you’ll feel pain and irritation. Bursting blood vessels doesn’t promote penis growth, it stops erections; plain and simple!

Herbal penis enlargement pills:

Herbal penis enlargement pills don’t work. The law states that people who make these pills can claim whatever they want because they are ‘herbal’. This is a sad fact. Each bottle costs about $0.05 to make and is sold for about $50. That’s the reason why there are so many out there. Not because they work but because they make a select few people so much damn money!

Guess what? In almost every tested herbal penis enlargement pill scientists have found traces of manure (because animals graze near the herbs), lead (!), bird droppings and even rat poison. If you want to take a placebo drug with violently harmful things in it then by herbal pills. If not then there is one more option…