Penis Extender – The Hidden Dangers of Male Enhancement

Man’s search for a good penis extender method has probably been ongoing since the time of Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, the desire for a bigger unit has also lead to a market filled with sometimes dangerous penis extender products that are far too often just outright scams.

In this article I will give a brief run down of some of the most common types of products in the male enhancement market and give you my opinion on the most effective and safest way to increase penis size.


It seems like there is a pill for every problem nowadays. The idea behind pills, patches and lotions is pretty simple. The companies behind these products want you to believe that they have the magic ingredient that will solve your issue. The problem with these products is that there doesn’t seem to be any valid evidence that these products actually work. Furthermore, the ingredients are often hard to determine and there is little to no FDA oversight because they are marketed as "supplements".


Studies have shown that this method can actually increase penis length. The downside is that these methods can be painful, cause injury or possibly even scarring. What lady wants to see a scarred penis? Plus, using weights and stretching can restrict blood flow and cause nerve damage, which can lead to impotence. I don’t think becoming impotent is any man’s goal when trying to increase penis size.


The idea behind vacuum pumps is to engorge your penis with blood, forcing it to expand. The problem with pumps is that it can take months to see any significant results, and any results you do get will most likely not be permanent. In addition, if too much pressure is applied while using a pump, there is a risk of injury or possibly even causing erectile dysfunction.


Ouch! I won’t go into all the gory details about this, but do know that several study results have revealed a very high dissatisfaction rate among men who have had enlargement surgery. As with many other penis extender techniques, surgery can lead to erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, surgery is really only recommended for men who don’t have a normally functioning penis. Men with a normally functioning penis that just happen to be on the small side are not advised to have surgery due to the risks. In addition, balloon implants are just unnatural. Because you have to actually pump them up, balloon implants will not feel normal, especially for men with a previously normally functioning penis.


In my opinion, penis enlargement exercise programs are the safest and most effective method to achieve permanent enlargement results. Penis enlargement exercise programs work by massaging and stimulating the corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa are a pair of sponge-like erectile tissue that contain most of the blood during an erection. By stimulating the corpora cavernosa, you encourage new cell growth, which leads to a thicker and longer penis.

Participant testimonials from some of the more trustworthy penis exercise programs claim one to three inches of growth in three to twelve months when properly following the programs’ guidelines.

As with any other male enhancement technique, there are potential risks that you should know about. There is a risk of causing injury if you perform the exercise too vigorously or don’t follow your program’s guidelines. However, because you perform these exercises on yourself with your own hands, as opposed to using a device, you are better able to determine the proper amount of pressure, which decreases the chances of injury. Furthermore, selecting a trustworthy program and following its guidelines exactly is critical to significantly increasing your odds of success and decreasing your risk of injury.