Penis Enlargement Products Sell Like Hotcakes

Studies show that the average size of a penis if five to seven inches long. Men, as they say, are insatiable by nature. A man is never satisfied including with himself. And being competitive, egoistic and strong willed. A man may be willing to take some risks to get what he wants. To men, size is a serious matter. It is a topic not taken lightly. Size is a two-edged sword. It can either crush or feed their ego. And the latter is absolutely desired.

The desire to enhance male size is a popular yet risky undertaking. There is a number of penis enlargement products sold both off and online. Despite the bad reviews scientific and medical researchers and practitioners express about these penis enlargement products, its popularity and increasing demand are unstoppable and uncontrollable to say the least.

1. Vacuum pump. Commonly used for impotent patients, this device is fitted into the shaft and pumped causing blood to fill the shaft which results to penile erection. Although, it may be successful in causing erection, there are risks involved in using the device such as impotence, damaged blood vessels and the loss of feeling sensation.

2. Miracle pills. They are very common offerings online. These pills have not obtained any approval for the FDA. The contents of these pills are unknown and uncertain. There are reports though, that these pills contain contaminants which pose serious health problems. Such contaminants include lead, molds, E. coli bacteria and others.

3. Hanging weights. This procedure is performed by literally hanging weights to the tip of the penis. One of the oldest methods known, hanging weights may result to slightly longer penis but it can also cause lesions, stretch marks and reduced or loss of feeling in the penis.

4. Clamping. This technique makes use of devices that intentionally and deliberately constricts the penis forcing the blood to rush into the shaft to cause ejaculation. The common devices used in these method are cock ring, shoe string and cable clamp. When these things are worn, extra caution is advised. By using these devices, a man puts himself in danger of serious tissue damage.

These so called enhancers pose serious health threats. Unfortunately man’s desire for size may be greater than his desire to be healthy. When a man wants something he is out to get it and the consequences are not entirely though of until he is faced with it. Although penis enlargement products promise to increase penis size or make it bigger, there are no scientific studies that can sufficiently back up their claims. Most offer temporary solution at the least, while some others may deliver more damage than results or solution. Armed with beautiful and nothing but empty promises, people who are desperate to enhance their sizes may be easily swayed by these male enhancement products. But what should be kept in mind is that just because something is wanted does not mean it is needed. In these cases, sticking with what one is blessed with is a smarter idea than pursuing things that cannot prove their worth.