Penis Enlargement Exercise – What it Does and Why it Works

When looking to increase penis size, there’s no shortage of solutions out there (pills, pumps, stretchers, penis enlargement exercises, etc.). Unfortunately, too many of these methods will simply take your money and offer little or no real results. Most programs offer a 14 day guarantee, which would be great if this was a realistic time frame for achieving enlargement, but alas, it is not. This article should help you understand the logic behind natural penis enlargement exercise and how it can help you.

So many methods fail because they are a quick-fix. Men are perfectly happy thinking a “miracle pill” or a gimmicky device will do the work for them, only to find out that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. A permanent and substantial solution manipulates the basic anatomy of the penis to encourage natural growth. Bigger penis exercises help to achieve this but understanding why requires a familiarity with the workings of your penis.

The penis consists of three chambers, each of these fills with blood when you are sexually aroused. While the tissue that makes up the chamber walls is coaxable into stretching and molding, it is generally rigid and once the cambers fill you have reached your maximum size. It stands to reason, then, that the key to actually getting a bigger penis is enlarging these chambers (this will allow them to hold more blood and thus increase your maximum size).

The reason so many methods fail to work is that they either A) only increase blood flow to the penis (which does nothing when the chambers are of a set size) or B) they only manipulate the tissue in one direction (like stretchers and extenders that result in a possibly longer, but overall skinny penis).

Penis enlargement exercise works by gently manipulating the tissues through exercises (performed with your hands) and slowly breaking down sections of the chamber walls; I have been through this process and it is completely painless. Like a muscle, the cell walls of these chambers grow back larger to accommodate for the new stresses. The next time blood fills your penis during an erection, the chambers are larger and thus your penis’ length and girth are increased.