Natural Male Enhancement Herbs Review – What They Don’t Want You to Know!

Everyday we are bombarded by male enhancement advertisements on TV, magazine, radio and internet. These marketers have us believe that our partners are not very happy with us because we are small men. They may be partially right, as size is a key factor the key factor to healthy sex life. The common trait of these products is: they all contain so called “natural male enhancement herbs”. Now the question is: do natural male enhancement herbs work? In this article we will discuss the effectiveness of common enhancement herbs and what’s the best way to boost your manhood.

List of common male enhancement herbs

#1. Ginseng: A popular stimulant used in China for centuries. It may help to improve increase sex drive. Generally, Ginseng is a safe herb, but it should not be taken with MAOI depressant. Besides, it may cause inability to sleep.

#2: Horny Goat Weed: may help to improve sexual stamina and penile function. Early studies indicate that it may be natural alternative to blue pills. More studies are necessary to access its safety and side effects.

#3. Zinc: may help to improve erectile function. However, too much zinc can harm your immune system.

#4. Yohimbe: Pharmeceutical Yohimbe is sometimes prescribed by doctor to treat patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction. When consume in excess level, it can cause few side effects, including irregular heart beat, increased blood pressure, nausea, headache etc. Due to the possible danger, it is banned in Finland, Canada, Australia, and Holland.

#5. L-Arginine: may help to enhance erection. When taken in high dosages, it may lower blood pressure.

Be careful of natural male enhancement herbs

Male enhancement pills with herbs are not recommended. The problem with these products is: they are not regulated by FDA. Hence, their safety and effectiveness are not guaranteed. In the past, few makers of enhancement pills have been sued as the pills did not work as advertised. Besides, FDA has warned consumers against these pills as they may contain undeclared ingredients that can pose risky side effects. Last month, 5 Singaporean men passed away due to consumption of illegal enhancement pills.