Maxoderm Male Enhancement Cream Works Faster Than Pills

The male enhancement cream Maxoderm was created as a solution for men who believe the size of their penis is too small or the erections they experience are not sufficiently strong.

The manufacturers of Maxoderm cream have designed a product for men desiring erections that last for a longer duration, have more strength and feel fuller. Results, they say, are achieved quickly because the product is massaged onto the organ of primary focus. Maxoderm, it is said, will enlarge the dimensions of the male sex organ as well as prolonging and enhancing the sexual experience, when the product is utilized on a regular basis.

Upon initial application of the cream, a pleasant feeling of warmth is sensed. This gives the user an indication that Maxoderm is starting to work. The means by which its activity is accomplished is intricate. Within an area of the penis called the corpus cavernous, nitric oxide is given off upon the initiation of an erection. This nitric oxide proceeds into the arterial muscle linings, causing them to relax. When the muscles of the arteries relax, they are able to be filled with blood. This is what impels the erection to happen.

In contrast to an oral medication, such as tablets, capsules or pills, which must travel through the digestive tract and then dissolve before they can start doing their job, Maxoderm goes to work more rapidly, as it is directly applied to the penis. The ingredients in the formula are absorbed into the skin quickly when the product is used as directed. It is suggested that the cream be put on freely and rubbed in by hand, with a light touch, for five to ten minutes. A twelve week regimen of usage is recommended in order to achieve results of enlargement.

The blend of ingredients have been combined in a patent-pending formula named Vasotran Auctum, some of which are zinc oxide, muira pauma, catauba extract, methyl nicotinatewhite nettle extract, L-arginine and saw palmetto extract. The formula has been tested clinically on a group of 150 participants. More than 3/4 of them reported significant enhancement of the firmness of their erections. Greater than 80% said Maxoderm started to work in less than one minute. More than 70% of the test subjects reported improved sensation.

Maxoderm cream is what is known as an over-the-counter product. This means is may be purchased without the need of a doctor’s prescription. Reportedly, it has been tested and has met the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA).

Given the proliferation of male enhancement oils, creams, lotions, patches and pills now available, it would seem that Maxoderm is worth considering by men who are concerned about penis size and erection strength.