Male Performance Enhancement

Male performance enhancement is a consideration for a lot of men but many are concerned about the side effects and health risks of traditional prescription medications for erectile dysfunction. Extagen Tablets are a natural phytonutrient product designed as a male performance enhancement supplement.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects an estimated 18 million men and the numbers may actually be larger than that, as many men are reluctant to discuss such a personal problem – even with a physician. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and prostate problems. Several prescription medications are available for male performance enhancement in the treatment of erectile dysfunction such as the well known Viagra and Levitra but these medications have a number of side effects including headache, priapism and an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. Most men who have "ED" are older and may not be able to take traditional prescriptions. In addition the prescription medications can be quite expensive and not covered by insurance forcing many to turn to international mail order pharmacies – which have been known to sell counterfeit pills or "fakes".

Extagen is not an actual drug but a specially designed male performance enhancement supplement. It is a blend of herbs and phytonutrients including the well known male performance enhancement plant "yohimbine". The proprietary blend of natural plant agents works to increase the blood flow to the penis during arousal. Extragen male performance enhancement capsules can help to treat not only cases of erectile dysfunction in older and younger men alike, it may actually increase the size of the erect penis by 15 to 30 percent. The affected erect penis may also remain erect for a longer period of time resulting in greater partner satisfaction from both size and duration of sexual activity.

Extragen has allowed many men, not only those with ED but also many who feel that the penis is not large enough during erection to increase their sex drive. This may be a psychological benefit of the increased self esteem which may derive from the predictable ability to achieve a full and lasting erection resulting in a successful sexual encounter. The physical benefits of Extagen male performance enhancement supplements may result in the elimination of psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

The manufacturers of Extagen male performance enhancement products are so confident that the purchaser will be satisfied that they offer a 120 day risk free guarantee for money back if the user is not happy. Over 95% of the users of Extagen report positive results from this all natural, guaranteed supplement for male performance enhancement

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By Anthony Antolics RN,BSN The Nutrition Nurse

Tony Antolics, RN, BA, BSN

* Bachelor of Science Nursing…Excelsior College, Magna Cum Laude
* Bachelor of Arts Psychology Mental Health…Southern Connecticut State University, Summa Cum Laude
* Sigma Theta Tau, The National Honor Society of Nursing
* Psi Chi, The National Honor Society in Psychology
* Tau Kappa, Excelsior College Nursing Honors Society