Male Penis Enhancement – Because Size Really Does Matter

If you work on the internet, you can not escape the innumerable spam mail which pours in ethereally everyday, where one claimant vies with another, how quickly, painlessly and most importantly, affordably male penis enhancement is possible. If all of these claims were true, keeping world peace would have been a difficult task for any government in any country! But the reality is that male penis enhancement is possible and there are innumerable ways that it can be done. There is no ‘best method’ as it would largely depend on your penile status, your doctor’s opinion, you age and general state of health and many more. Some of the common methods of male penis enhancement include:

* Vacuum Pumping

* Penis Lengthening Surgery

* Penis Widening Surgery

* Glans Enhancement

* Extenders (Traction Devices)

* Jelqing (Natural Enlargement)

* Pills and Patches

* Penile implants

While a good vacuum pump is capable of adding an inch or more to the girth of your penis, the downside of this procedure is that it is as good as it lasts. Done by sealing the penis inside an airtight tube, it draws the lymphatic fluid and also blood into the penis to inflate it, which makes it good enough for insertion. But the moment you remove the tube the penis falls back to its normal size. Penis lengthening surgery is sometimes the choice for male penis enhancement procedure, but it can add only add half an inch to your erect penis. Over and above the usual risks and costs (between $2500 and $5000) involved in any kind of surgical invasion, the big disadvantage of this procedure is that the penis can always retract into your body, after the lengthening surgery is complete. This makes this type of male penis enhancement exercise futile. There have been numerous improvements in the penis widening surgeries recently making the male penis enhancement procedure more viable. There are plenty of girth-enhancing methods some of which are standardized and some still in the experimental stages. These include:

Fat Injection, Dermal Fat Grafts, Alloderm Grafts and Saphenous Vein Grafts. Glans enhancement is yet another type of male penis enhancement procedure involving injecting a type of gel which inflates the glans tissue and causes a 20% increase in penile circumference. Performed under local anesthesia, the procedure usually is complete within an hour. This procedure is not permanent as the gel is gradually absorbed by the body with time. In case you are keen to avoid any surgical intervention for your penis enhancement, you could also rely on penis extenders which are devices which cause the penis to remain in a state of tension with the goal of stretching and extending it longer. There are many devices which can do this successfully, where the penis is held in traction. According to product reviews you need to wear it long and frequently enough to achieve the desired results. Costing anywhere between $200 and $400, the penis extenders are indeed a painful form of male penis enhancement.

A repetitive form of penile massage is called Jelqing. Derived from a Persian word meaning masturbation, this method involves a series of penile massages with the aim to boost blood circulation in to the penis. Vasodilation and hormone stimulation are the two main principles behind the mechanism of action of pills and patches. They dilate the blood vessels where more blood rushes in and hormone stimulants boost testosterone production which is the main hormone behind increased libido. These usually result in longer and harder erections. Penile implants on the other hand work by making the penis harder which makes insertion easier. This involves surgical intervention where the implants are fully hidden in the penis making it both functionally and cosmetically viable proposal in the overall male penis enhancement options.



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