Male Extra Review – Guiding Your Search for Penis Enlargement Pills

Male Extra is a putative answer to men’s secret yet greatest concern, their penile size. It boasts that it pioneered the use of its new patented formula with the secret ingredient pomegranate, otherwise known as natural Viagra. Just like any other products, this has its own claims. The question is, does it really work?

According to a recent scientific study, a seventy percent concentrated pomegranate with the combination of some other organic elements is the foundation of a penile enhancement formula. Because of this, Male Extra claims its effectiveness and value. But, what are the pros and cons of this product.


1. It provides favorable results fast. The product claims a 3 inches more length and girth of the penis.
2. It contains ingredients that improve the erection in terms of fastness, hardness and endurance.
3. It allows control of the ejaculation.
4. Men of any age can use the pill and can decide to cease taking it once desired size is achieved.
5. One box contains ninety pills.
6. To minimize men’s embarrassment, this is shipped discreetly by having a double pack.
7. It claims to possess unique, patented formula.
8. It asserts that it produces no harsh side effects because of its natural ingredients.
9. It comes with a DVD of exercises and online access.


1. It is a neophyte in the male enhancement industry. This factor is a disadvantage because it may a risky façade which may leave the crowd questioning of its functionality. It has a lot to prove about itself just yet. This is why it is recommended that you conduct thorough research about the product before coming up with a decision.
2. One of the major drawbacks of this product is its price. This is quite expensive and luxurious for a frugal living.