Male Enhancement Vitamins – Do You Make These Purchasing Mistakes?

As with every other vitamin out there, the chances of them being able to enlarge your penis is close to nil. Seriously, the penile anatomy alone doesn’t allow such physical changes just from eating a few pills whether or not they’re advertised as male enhancement vitamins. The reason they’re called that is simply because they enhance performance. You’re not going to wake up one day and have your flaccid penis slapping your knees.

Let’s face it, size does matter and that’s the reason you’re reading this. Good news is that there are plenty of ways to lengthen and widen a penis. But you’ve got to work for it. Ever seen those shows on National Geographic where some natives have really long necks or arms? Those come from years of stretching from adding rings around the neck or arms. Just like that, a penis extender has the same principles.

How it works is it’s attached to the base of your penis and extended over a period of time. This isn’t as risky as performing surgery but there are possible injuries if done improperly. When purchasing a product there will be a schedule to follow and you probably should stick to it to the letter.

Now remember I mentioned earlier that vitamins don’t magically increase the size of your package? Well it still doesn’t. But what it does do here is encourage blood flow to and through the penis which helps tissue mass regenerate. Stretching your penis actually forces it to adapt to its environment and having a high blood circulation indeed helps the tissues repair quicker than it would on its own.

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