Male Enhancement Studies With L-Arginine

Male Enhancement with L-Arginine supplements:

It’s one disorder that no one wants to talk about, but according to publications in the American Medical Association, 43 % of women and 31% of men suffer from sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, these numbers increase as you age. Women tend to experience a loss of libido (sexual drive) and an inability to reach as orgasm, while men tend to experience impotence which is the inability to have an erection.

L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that acts as a precursor of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is necessary for increasing blood flow and helping blood circulation throughout your body. This affect is important to both men and women in regards to normal sexual function.

How L-Arginine Works:

L-Arginine works by increasing blood flow to erectile tissues. It helps by dilating blood vessels in the penis and helps the penis enlarge to its full capacity. These male enhancement properties increase the size, hardness and frequency of erections in men. Studies also show that L-arginine can improve fertility in men who have low sperm counts and poor sperm motility.

L-Arginine has a similar effect in women due to increased blood flow to the clitoris and vaginal area. This results in more sensitivity in these regions, and a better chance of reaching an orgasm. Studies also show that 70% of women taking L-arginine had increased libido and less vaginal dryness.


Men that were placed on L-arginine supplements in a double blind study done in Britain did show significant improvements in their sexual performance after 6 weeks of supplementation in 31% of the study group. Since erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of factors other than low nitric oxide levels, it isn’t surprising that all men in the study didn’t respond.

In animal studies, rats that were fed L-arginine exhibited significant increases in intra-penile pressures when compared to control groups that didn’t receive the supplement. This data supports the fact that L-arginine increases blood flow to penile tissue and aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Other Benefits:

L-Arginine has a supporting role in other body systems:

1. It’s a precursor for nitric oxide. 2. It helps with improving blood flow to tissues. 3. It stimulates the release of growth hormone. 4. It reduces the healing time of injuries. 5. Helps support sperm production and motility. 6. Reduces the risk of strokes and blood clots. 7. Aids in supporting normal blood pressure. 8. Helps shorten recovery times after heart attacks 9. Aids in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease. 10. Improves the immune response to disease.


L-Arginine is a safe to use, natural supplement that has several desirable properties and can be used as a dietary supplement to help with male and female sexual dysfunction. As a male enhancement product, it primarily helps with blood flow to erectile tissues.