Male Enhancement Oil – How To Get Some Buzz In The Bedroom With Massage

Massage can be an erotic experience between two people and it’s a sure way of building up to explosive sex. Massage is for people who really want to enjoy a good sex life because it enhances the sexual experience.

Massage has the general effect of relaxing you, and allows you to focus your senses on the responses aroused in your body from touch. In this way it can greatly enhance your sex drive. One of the aims of sexual massage is getting to know what gives your partner pleasure, so it’s important to approach it with an open mind. Men and women are often surprised at how sexy it feels to have certain parts of their bodies massaged by their lover.

Discovering every inch of your lover’s body is one of the most pleasurable experiences to share and so take the time to prepare the scene. Make sure the area is warm and private, and have soft music and lighting to contribute to the effect. You should have some warm and fragrant oil ready for the massage. Get your partner to lie back and enjoy every minute.

Start by pouring some of the oil onto your hands and then exploring over all parts of your partners body except the genitals and breasts. You want to make the process sensual and relaxed, not sexual yet. Massage using your hands, thumbs and forefingers to apply rhythmical pressure to your partner’s body. You can use kneading on fleshy areas like thighs and buttocks. Lift squeeze and roll the flesh between your thumb and forefinger of one hand and glide it towards the other hand.

A woman has man erotic areas, and you can take your time over them. Gentle stroking, light pressure and circular movements can elicit strong sensations. Trace her lips and face with gentle strokes, then her mouth and jawline, neck and ears. Then place your hands over her breastbone and glide them steadily downwards. Cup your hands over her breasts and massage her nipples with gentle strokes. The most important thing is to keep up with a slow and steady rhythm with gentle pressure.

Massage can be anything from 10 minutes to an hour. It’s not important how long you do it for, it’s important to notice how you are both aroused by the experience. Often your partner will want to massage your as well, which can be a really great build up to sex. Orgasm for both partners is explosive after massage and often will lead to multiple orgasms.

Of course to enhance the effect you can use a male enhancement oil on your penis which will really give you some extra buzz. The oil will give you a rock hard erection that will last for up to 2 hours, and that should be all the time you need to have the orgasm/s of your life!