Male Enhancement – New Solutions With Vaginal Tightening

While researchers have found that only 2% of men suffer from micropenis (less than 2. 75 inches long when erect) – it is estimated that around 45% of men are concerned about their penis size. These men are often overwhelmed with feelings of embarrassment, insecurity and anxiety. These feelings can lead to such problems as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Many men try non surgical treatments such as vacuum developers, weights that attach to the penis to stretch it, magnetic or electrical devices to stimulate penis growth or hormone therapy. Some men have even resorted to penile augmentation surgery.

What is a man to do? Since the beginning of time women have talked to each other about men and sex. Very often penis size tops the list. To make matters even more complicated women’s sexual expectations have dramatically increased. Women have started putting themselves first and are no longer willing to ignore and accept a man’s sexual inadequacy. Proof of this is the thousands of vibrators on the market today. Even Apple jumped on the bandwagon with its MyVibe app. A press of the vibrating ringer function turns the iPhone into a clitoral stimulator. So, what does this mean to men? Many men seek help.

This can be discouraging as there are millions of gimmicky male enhancement products that are a waste of time and money. There is however something else to consider. Most men don’t realize that the problem lies not only with them. The truth is, if a woman’s vagina isn’t tight the man’s penis size will seem even smaller.

Loose Vagina Syndrome is a very common condition for over women over 30. The newest and most effective help for this problem is the vaginal tightening insert. With this revolutionary arrival a dual solution is achieved, resulting in a better sexual experience for both. The insert is placed into the vagina creating a tightening sensation which results in greater friction, pleasure for both partners and more frequent and intense orgasms.

The other options a woman has to help her partner feel larger include Kegel exercises, vaginoplasty, vaginal rejuvenation surgery and vaginal tightening products. Surgery is generally expensive, risky and can cause pain. Kegels, like any exercise, require an endless commitment of time.