Male Enhancement Free Trial – How To Get A Free Trial Of Male Enhancement Pills

Been looking for a male enhancement free trial but can’t find one? There actually aren’t that many free trial offers available any more, mainly because the FDA cracked down on them due to deceptive advertising and unfair billing practices by a few unscrupulous companies. There ARE one or two good trials still available though, but you need to be clear about exactly what’s involved before signing up. Here’s how to get a male enhancement free trial, the legit way.

The first thing you need to remember is that the trial IS free, but only if you cancel before a certain time. You see what you are actually signing up for (but most people don’t know it because they don’t read the terms and conditions) is automatic recurring billing. It’s not technically a scam, but you have to read the small print. Here’s how it works:

You sign up for the trial, enter your shipping details and pay a minimal amount for shipping and handling (usually less than $5). However because you are really signing up for a membership, you will be billed once the term of the free trial is up and once monthly after that (and automatically receiving a new bottle of your male enhancement product).

Now you can get the product FREE (and without paying any more), but only if you cancel before the trial term is up. If you do this you will avoid additional charges AND get to keep your trial order (technically making it free like it was supposed to be).

The following are some tips for getting a legitimate male enhancement free trial:

Always read the terms and conditions carefully before entering your details – you need to know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Keep a note of the day you signed up and the day your trial is ended so that you can cancel before the trial period is over and not be rebilled.

When checking out a product make sure you find a ‘customer service’ link or contact page so that you can cancel easily when the time comes.

For information on a legitimate trial product check out the links below – it suits all the criteria for a good male enhancement free trial and is easy to cancel if you don’t want to keep taking it. It’s proven to work during the first month, so it’s a good way to try out a penis product without having to empty your wallet.