Longitude Male Enhancement Devices – What Makes it So Popular?

Just go through the internet, you will find it flooded with sites selling penis enlargement devices, techniques and tablets. Even television promotes penis enlargement devices openly claiming that yes a woman does need a man with a larger penis. Penis enlargement devices are of varied kinds in the market. They range from $40 to above $1000. But the big issue is they worth that much money?

A famous product in the market is Longitude; Longitude states that if men take two pills each day in coming 3 weeks their penis will grow thick. By eight weeks, their thickness will be much visible when they are erect. The ingredients shown at the back of the packing like each product in the market are reported to be natural and safe. Some of the ingredients are Ginseng, Cayenne, three hundred Yohimbe, Zinc, Pumpkin Seed, Muira Puama, Nettle Leaf, Licorice Root, Oyster Meat,Boron, Tribulus and Owt Straw.

Studying the literature of Longitudes parts, it is clear that it is 50 50 if this product will work or not. Its most ingredients have been medically tested, the subjects being animals like rats. And most significantly one 2 – 3 studies were related to sexual performances. The product states your penis size will increase, the penis size does increase when it goes into erection. This shows that longitude typically makes erections better, but not grow it. Dr. Joel Kaplan vacuum system claims that it is licensed by FDA for enlargement of penis. This fake claim has made many folks to be of the view that it is licensed to grow penis. When you will use this product you will see your penis growing but it will be for short term only as the blood will be sucked into your penis.

One method which is most usually adopted is penis enlargement surgery. Although many penis enlargement devices show only short term results. Studies have shown that through these penis enlargement devices you can grow your penis size in flaccid state of 3.9 inches and up to 7 inches in erection.

One reason why firms sell fake penis enlargement devices and then get away easily with it is actually because they know no-one would go against them. Even if somebody doesn’t experience the results as guaranteed they won’t go to the court due to the media attention and then everyone knowing the proven fact that he was making an attempt to enhance his penis expansion.



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