Is Penis Enlargement a Myth? The Truth About Penis Enlargement That Every Man Should Know

Men have been fretting over their penis size since time immemorial. You will find plenty of information, pills, exercises and various techniques that offers to lengthen the penis. And there is a lot of talk with regards to this topic. But the big question remains: Is penis enlargement a myth?

The Truth

Now let’s delve deeper to discover the truth about penis enlargement. Let’s take a peek at some of the more popular ways to enlarge the penis and discover the process of how they work:


These are orally taken and guarantees enlargement. Although many say they are a scam but the truth of the matter is that, these products are being sold legally and if you purchase from a reputable source will more likely be an effective method. These pills make your penis larger and thicker during erection and your sex drive will significantly be increased. It works by increasing the blood flow through that particular area and promote healthy cell growth.

Traction Devices

This device work on the premise that as you stretch your penis and apply outside force, the micro tears and micro repairing that will occur during the stretching period will slowly elongate your penis and slow being the operative word it means that this type of device work but it will take time, around three to six months before any initial sign of success becomes evident.

Penile Exercises

This includes jelqing, kegels exercise and other stretching moves. The exercises work with the same premise as the traction device but the stretching is done manually.

You allow blood to pool in the penis shaft by ‘milking’ it to allow more blood to flow and then stretching the penis to the point of pain by pulling it away from your body.

You do need to be careful and learn to stretch your penis just at the right amount and know when to stop, since overexerting the penis and overdoing the exercise will do more harm than good.

This technique and the penile traction devices are more effective when done in conjunction with intake of penile pills. The effects are more pronounced when you do a combination of the techniques.

So is penis enlargement a myth? No, it’s not. It is indeed possible to increase the size of your penis effectively and permanently. You just need to know that right techniques and understand the proper way to conduct each technique.