Is Penis Enlargement a Myth? The Truth About Penis Enlargement Revealed

Men have been fussing about penis size and length for a very long time. There are a lot of pills and techniques that are offering a client to have a significantly larger penis. With that being said, there are a lot of ‘talk’ surrounding penis enlargement. So the question is: is penis enlargement a myth?

To answer that question, let’s look at some of the methods of enlarging the penis and see the basis on how they work.

• Pills – there are a lot of men that will say that this does not work and all of the products offered in the market are a scam. Well, it is unlikely to gain you the amount of inches that you desire but the truth about most of these products that are legally sold is that they will make your penis significantly thicker and larger when you have it erect. Another effect is that your sex drive will be greater.

These pills actually have a positive effect making you have a better circulation in these parts and it will also increase the blood flow and promote a healthy growth in the tissues.

You should also have a money back guarantee for these pills.

• Traction devices – These devices will significantly stretch your penis. The principle for this revolves to the application of an outside force on your penis to lengthen it. There have been studies that show some gains on men who wore them correctly for three to six months.

Mostly, these devices work better if used with pills because the effect will be multiplied.

• Penile exercises – There are a lot of possible exercises that you can do for your penis. One of them is the stretch and pull technique. You do this by wringing you thumb and your index finger on your semi-erect penis and having to force the blood toward the head of the penis. You do this just enough to see when your penis is very hard and packed full of blood.

But you also have to know the limitations for this exercise. When you start to feel pain or if your penis has become very red, you must learn when to stop because blood might clot in your penis area causing problems.

So Is penis enlargement a myth? Not quite! However, you must understand that all products on the market are proven to work. Before you jump to buy a pill or try a program, make sure you do you due diligence to ensure that it is safe and has worked for others. Having a money back guarantee will also be an added bonus.

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