How to Pick the Best Penis Enlargement Method

Penis enlargement has now grown to become a million dollar industry, with more products developed every day. Male enhancement products are excellent alternatives to penile surgery (phalloplasty) which is painful and rather expensive (costs at least $5,000). Today, there are three popular means for penis enlargement: penis extenders, penis enlargement pills and penis enlargement exercise programs. Let us look at the pros and cons of each method:

1. Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis pills are probably the most convenient method that even the busiest men can opt for. These pills contain herbal formulations of mostly aphrodisiac herbs known to increase virility, increase blood flow to the penis and sustain sexual stamina. Although penis enlargement pills do work this way, it is not sufficient if you want to grow some inches to your penis. In fact, most male enhancement pills come with a penis enlargement exercise package for enlargement to set in.

2. Penis enlargement exercise programs

Penis exercises consist of daily exercise routines such as jelqing. These exercises are also aimed at naturally stimulating the penis to grow and multiply new cells. The exercise routines are simple to do, but usually takes at least 20 minutes every day. This means that you have to religiously follow and make time to perform the exercises. However, your hard work will pay off as results are usually seen after a few weeks. Enlargement exercises are completely natural so there are no negative side effects to worry about. Exercise programs are also very cheap – in fact, they are probably offer the cheapest method for male enhancement. Again, the downside is the time you have to allot, and the required patience on your part.

3. Penis extenders / traction devices

Penis extenders and related devices work by subjecting your penis with stable but constant pressure. This pressure is effective in stimulating the growth of new penile tissues, thereby encouraging the growth of the penis. Although many manufacturers market them as type 1 medical device designed with only the highest-grade materials, you have to take extra precaution in using them well. Not wearing them properly might do you more harm than good. Moreover, there are manufacturers which claim to provide type 1 devices, but don’t actually do so. Make sure that you invest time in choosing the brand, manufacturer or distributor to trust.

In addition, penis extenders have to be worn for at least a few hours every day. This might pose as discomfort for some, and will need some getting used to. Again, the best penis extender devices come with an enlargement exercise program for optimum results.

The best method to choose for penis enlargement would depend on your preference and lifestyle. All three methods can provide you best results if done and used properly. Moreover, you can enjoy quicker and more optimum results if you combine these methods. The synergistic effect will surely lead to faster enlargement so you can have the penis size that you have always dreamt of having.



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