How to Get a Bigger Penis Doing New Male Enhancement Exercises For Just 6 Minutes a Day

By just dedicating a few short minutes each day to exercising your penis, you can permanently increase it’s size in just a matter of weeks. These incredibly effective male enhancement exercises are completely natural and can be done in the comfort of your own home with just your hands.

How can this be possible?

Within your penis, you’ll find 2 long chambers called the corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa fill with blood when you become aroused, creating an erection. The larger these chambers are, the bigger and stronger your erection will be.

By encouraging new cell growth in this area, your corpora cavernosa will become longer and bigger. The bigger it is, the bigger your erection will be!

To encourage new cell growth, you simply have to increase the blood flow to it. This increase in blood flow will cause new cells to grow which will give you permanent penis enlargement.

What penis enlarging exercises do I need to do?

   1. Get yourself into a semi-erect state.
   2. Make a circle around the base of your penis using your thumb and middle finger (forefinger’s OK if you can’t reach with your middle finger).
   3. Slightly tighten your grasp, and smoothly move your hand towards the tip of your penis. You may find this easier with the use of a small amount of lubricant.
   4. Once you’ve reached the head of your penis, release your grip.
   5. Repeat this 20 times for the first penis enlargement session, but try to gradually build up to 50 (or more) repetitions.

This exercise helps to break up fibrosis (scar tissue) inside the chambers and increase blood flow. Of course the increased blood flow, then leads to new cell growth which is exactly what you want.

Many men have reported success in just weeks by doing this exercise daily. It only takes a few minutes a day – isn’t it worth sacrificing a few minutes each day to get a bigger penis?