Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement – The Best Penis Enlargement Methods

Are you ashamed because you were born with a tiny penis? Would you like your woman to be completely satisfied? Do you want your average size penis to become bigger but just afraid to undergo surgery? If your answer to these questions is a big “YES” then, worry no more because believe it or not, there are home remedies for penis enlargement.

Sure you can just go to a doctor and have a surgery to make it bigger, but don’t you want to make it larger the natural way? We all know that undergoing such procedure has its pros and cons and I’m pretty sure you don’t want anything bad to happen with it. What safer way to make it bigger is to go natural?

The natural way to make it bigger is through exercise with the help of your own two hands. There is an instruction manual for you to follow to obtain the size that you want. It is all exercise and massaging of the penis which takes a minute or so in a day. You can also do “jelqing”, this will make your penis slowly grow longer and harder.

However, you can also make it bigger by making it puff up with blood throughout erection or just make it swell more. By damaging the cells of the penile tissues, our body will naturally heal it in a larger state. This is just like straining your muscles through body building. If you are weight lifting, your muscles are strain and muscle tissues become broken, when it heals, you can see that you have bigger and harder muscles. Though the penis doesn’t have muscles, it is composed of cells and tissues wherein when damaged, it will not go back to its original size but instead it will remain big as if it is swollen.

It is best to take nitric oxide because it can help expand your blood vessels particularly those which transmits blood to the penis while having an erection. However, if you are smoking, you’d better stop it for the meantime while taking nitric oxide to avoid opposing effect.

Pumping more blood to the penis will make it enlarger and will give you full confidence. With all this natural method, there is no need for you to neither buy dangerous pumps and embarrassing extenders nor undergo scary surgery. Doing the exercise regularly and making your penis swollen, you will achieve the size that you want. Now, you can make your woman satisfied.


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