Free Natural Male Enhancement Exercise – Make Your Penis Bigger Easily

According to a survey by, men who practiced male enhancement exercise observe penis growth of 42% over 3 months. To date, no other male enhancement techniques exhibit such positive results. In this article you will learn simple male enhancement exercise routines that will make your penis bigger within weeks.

How does male enhancement exercise work? When you are sexually excited, there will be surge in blood flowing to your penis. Thus, your erection size depends on how much blood your penis can “trap”. Also, you need to ensure blood flow is as “unclogged” as possible. Male enhancement exercise works by expanding penile tissue to allow bigger erection. In addition, it helps to improve sexual stamina and blood circulation to penis.

Important Notes

1. You must perform hot wrap before and after exercise. Here’s how it works: soak a clean tower in warm water. Then, wrap the towel around your penis for about 10 minutes. This step is necessary to avoid injury of penile tissue.
2. Trim your pubic hair before the exercise.
3. If you observe discoloration, discontinue the exercise immediately and consult doctor.
4. To improve penis health, you are advised to take quality multivitamin supplements.

Free Exercise #1: Kegel Exercise

1. Squeeze your PC muscle as though you are trying to control urination. Hold it for 10-15 seconds, then release.
2. Repeat step #1 for 30 times.

Free Exercise #2: Jelqing

1. Apply lubricants to your penis. You may use either oil based or water based lubricants, but you must avoid using soap as it will cause discomfort during exercise
2. Use thumb finger and forefinger of your right hand to hold the base of penis. Then, slowly push toward the head in “milking” motion.
3. Repeat step #2 with left hand.
4. Repeat step #2 to #3 for 100 times.

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