Free Exercises For Penis Enlargement

Out of all the exercises for enlarging your penis there are some free exercises also through which you can enlarge your penis without even paying a single penny. In this article we will talk about all those free exercises through which you can increase the size of your penis free of cost.

The most important and the basic thing that you need to keep in mind that you should not perform these exercises on daily basis as you penis is also the part of your body and needs some rest. If you perform these exercises on daily basis then the probability of getting your penis will get low and the probability of getting it hurt will be more which will at last makes it either difficult or impossible to enlarge the size of penis bigger.

The first exercise to enlarge your penis is without any side effect is PC Flex. It is one of the most effective exercises as it improves your muscles and makes your penis big and harder especially at the time of erection. At the initial stage perform this exercise for only 5 minutes then gradually and slowly perform this exercise up to 30 min. This exercise will increase the blood flow to the penis and that will make your penis bigger and stronger also which not only give harder and stronger erections but also will make you control of yourself while you urinate.

The other exercise is of doing massage of your penis, what exactly you need to do is to stretch your penis for 10 to 15 seconds then gently massage your penis for 2 to 3 minutes, then again stretch your penis for 10 to 15 seconds in all the four directions and make sure that you massage between every direction. If you are facing trouble while stretching your penis, than I will recommend you to use tissues or some kind of toilet paper. The best part is that it will not pain while doing this exercise.

There is one more kind of exercise which is known as jelgs exercise. It requires some kind of lubrication also like baby oil which is the most suitable oil for his exercise. Before starting this exercise you need to stretch your penis to widen it up so that when you start the massage it easier for you to lotion your penis with the baby oil or any other oil or cream. While performing this exercise concentrate on pushing your blood at the top of your blood when you do it completely then do it again for 25 times so that it will increase the size of the penis. After every 7 days add another 25 times to this exercise and as per this calculation after 2 months you will be doing nearby 200 jelgs everyday and that is the maximum number that you need to do. And after 2 months you can see the change on your own.