Fda Approved Male Enhancement Penis Pills – Is There Any Such Thing As Approved FDA Penis Pills?

One thing many men ask is, are any penis pills approved by the FDA? The sad truth is, there are none. There are a few that have been outlawed by the FDA, but the majority of penis pills have not gotten either a yea or nay from this governmental organization.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Penile pills are an herbal supplement, which the FDA has yet to regulate. They usually do not regulate most herbal supplements, whether for penis enlargement, vitamins, or any other health purpose. While they will outlaw ones that are dangerous or downright scams, government research has not been done on most penis supplements. It’s not likely to be tested for a while, as the government prefers to spend research dollars on issues more relevant to health.

There are two that have been outlawed. Make sure any penis pill you are considering does not contain yohimbe. This was a popular additive a few years ago, until it was found to cause numerous medical problems, including kidney failure. Also, crocodile penile pills were exposed as a scam a few years back. Do not buy anything under that name.

Instead, look for penis capsules with these ingredients: ginkgo biloba and tribulus terrestris. Ginkgo biloba increases blood flow and energy levels, which can help penis enlargement. Tribulus terrestris increases the body’s production of testosterone.

If you want to try a penis pill, but are afraid you will be wasting your money, look for a free sample. Many legitimate companies offer these to assuage your fears over being scammed. This way, you can test the supplement before you commit to a purchase.