Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work? – Why Pills Will Never Help You

“Want several inches in just one week? Just take this miracle pill!” It looks too good to be true, and it most definitely is. Penis enlargement is just like anything else, if you want it done right, do it yourself. There are methods that can lead to permanent growth but no matter what you read you will need to understand how to manipulate the basic anatomy of the penis to see any real size increase. No pill does this, and for that reason alone you should steer clear of any “quick fixes”.

The penis is composed of 3 chambers, each one fills with blood during sexual arousal and once completely filled you have your maximum erect size. Blood is limited by the size of the chambers and thus the only way to change this is to increase the size of your chambers. Lucky for you, this isn’t that difficult as the walls of chambers are made of a tissue that can be broken down and regrown with firm yet safe manipulation.

Why don’t penis enlargement pills work? All pills do is increase blood flow to the penis, they in no way increase the size of the chambers. The chambers walls do not expand easily enough to the increased pressure from blood to make a difference and so while you may feel a stronger erection, you do not gain any penis size whatsoever.

Pill manufacturers prey on the desire for a fast solution. Unfortunately if you fall on the wrong side of the “do penis enlargement pills work?” scam you’ll find that too many companies are only too eager to take your money and then hide behind shady refund policies. Pills are neither fast nor permanent, in fact, they do nothing for your size at all!

So if pills don’t work… What actually can manipulate the chamber tissue to increase penis size? I learned how to get a bigger penis through exercises and a program that told me I’d only have to do them 5-10 minutes per day. My workouts were usually closer to the ten minute mark but I saw some very substantial results within a few weeks.