Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work? I Tried Them For Months – Here Are The Shocking Results!

Penis enlargement pills… whenever you search the Internet for methods on enlarging your penis, you are blasted in the face with thousands of penis enlargement pill ads. They do a pretty fine job too, in convincing you that they might actually work. I have tried them… read on to find what I found out.

After being “sold” on the product, I made my order and was very psyched and eager to start using it and measuring my surely to be massive length gains.

A couple of days later my pills arrived and I started taking them as instructed. I measured my penis and couldn’t wait for the next week when I would be measuring it again.

The week passed. I didn’t notice anything but I measured it anyway. There was nothing. But I was still enthusiastic and thought maybe the next couple of weeks would bring me the length gains promised.

As weeks and weeks passed away, I was getting less and less enthusiastic about the whole penis enlargement thing. There was no increase in my penis size and worse, I began to feel “funny”. I was having random erections all the time. While this might sound like a good thing, it’s NOT. I was losing the ability to get an erection at will – I was just getting erections randomly. A couple of weeks later, I had to quit – I visited my doctor and he was so angry at me for using those for so long, and told me it would take me a lot of time to recover from the effects.

After this whole disheartening thing, I did the thing I should have done FIRST. I did a quick research about penis enlargement pills. Not the type of “research” in which you just visit the producer’s site and read it to make yourself feel better…. a REAL research. And to my shock, I saw that not only there wasn’t a single scientific source saying it could work; but also there were a lot of researches into penis enlargement pills and all of them returned horrible results.

Apparently, those pills (which are NOT FDA approved) contain a lot of harmful, dangerous and potentially life-threatening things in them… like mold, yeast, pesticides, lead etc. It’s incredible how they are still allowed to sell these disgusting things.

Later, though – I did come upon a method of enlargement that worked like magic. It was a natural method.

What you should get from this article is… whatever you do, NEVER use penis pills… they are damaging to your health and they don’t even give one tenth of an inch to you. Whatever you are going to do, make sure it’s safe and natural!

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