Do Penis Enlargement Pills Actually Work?

Most men have questions about penis enlargement pills & rightfully so. The first question many men ask is "Do they actually work?" The second question asked is usually "Are there any side effects with penis enlargement pills?" And of course another important question is "Are the effects permanent?"

To answer the first question most men see if there have been any clinical studies performed to verify that the product actually works. That is probably the most disturbing fact about penis enlargement pills. So far, no studies have ever been conducted so there is no proof that a supplement by itself can add inches to your penis size. If there was to be a study conducted, I for one would gladly volunteer to see the results for myself.

But since there have not been any clinical studies conducted, you just have to believe what the manufacturers claim the results will be.

Penis enlargement pills do not work as they are advertised. They are composed of a mixture of herbs which are known for increasing the male sex drive & circulation to the penile erection chambers. This increase of bloodflow can give harder erections, leading you to believe that actual growth is occurring.

Often times penis enlargement are sent with exercises. That means that you didn’t totally waste your money if you bought these herbal supplements since penis enlargement exercises can increase your size without the use of pills. In fact, using exercises or a device is the only way to safely gain permanent penis enlargement.

So if you want to be permanently bigger, you should find a high-quality extender device that has the clinical proof to back it up. Not to mention that with a device and/or high-quality penis enlargement exercises, you will not have any side effects like you would with herbal supplements.

There are no substances, natural or lab-created, that have been proven to permanently enlarge the penis. Even though the pill manufacturers will tell you otherwise, penis enlargement supplements just don’t give you any enlargement on their own. You are more than welcome to try them if you like, but for proven enlargement there is no better method than an extender device or a great exercise program.