Comparison Facts About Vimax Natural Male Enlargement Pill Side Effects to Prescription Pills

If you are having a problem with your sex life and don’t know where to turn, then read on because you do have options. There are thousands of men all across the country that are experiencing the same set of problems as you are right now, and it is time to do something about it. There are a few choices you can make. One of them we see in the commercials on a daily basis that makes the women smile, and the man walk around like he’s just won a Pulitzer prize. Strong marketing there! The other choice you have is a herbal supplement that is not as highly marketed, but can give similar results. The difference lies in their side effects, so that will be our examination. Let’s look at Vimax side effects and prescription pill side effects.

A popular prescription pills does work for erectile dysfunction, and it works for about four hours. You take the pill about an hour before sexual activity and it will give you a sustained erection. The problem is that it has many side effects. There are about one hundred and twenty reported deaths per year from men that take a prescription pill. They can cause heart attacks and very low blood pressure. There are many other side effects from this drug including dyspepsia, headache, flushing, temporary blindness and a constant erection. There are a lot of men that take it and notice a perception change with the colors blue and green, or there can be a blue tinge that develops in their sight that can last several hours. In fact, airline pilots are not allowed to take any prescription penis pills for twelve hours before a scheduled flight. These side effects are real, folks, and since this pill is so new to the market, it will take many more years to really access complications on a long-term basis.

The side effects of Vimax are: None reported at this time.

This is quite a contrast. The difference between pharmaceutical medicines and herbal medicines is quite plain. Most pharmaceuticals have a chemical base whereas herbal supplements come straight from nature with very little processing done.

When you look at all of the benefits available from taking Vimax or another herbal penis enlargement supplement, you can see that it is much safer than your other options, and it can do much the same in terms of results. Your sexual drive will increase, and so will your stamina. You will have erections that stay as hard as a rock, and you will no longer have to fear premature ejaculation. You will also end up with a much bigger penis size on erection. You can have all this and more without suffering from any Vimax side effects. If you don’t want to experience side effects from pharmaceutical products, you should learn more about natural male enhancement. As with all herbal pills, most however have not been FDA approved, so do diligent research if you have any health condition such as high blood pressure before you take anything. To learn everything you need to know about the natural Vimax pill be sure to check out the site below.