Best Way – Permanent Male Enhancement Options

The Surgical mode of treatment:
Firstly, for a simple surgical procedure, good surgeons charge anywhere in excess of $5,000. Also, another fact associated with such surgeries is that 70% patients are not happy with the results. Another thing that is very often associated with such treatments is the prevalence of nasty side-effects. There have been a lot of evidences of penis bruising and erectile dysfunction on account of such surgeries. Surgery involves cutting of the ligament that holds the penis against the pubic bone.

Penis pumps, pills and creams, stretchers, weight-hanging – The Non- Surgical modes of treatment:
Men have seemed to travel far and wide to get that boost in their penis size. From fitting a device to the penis to hanging varying weights on the penis to the use of a tight ring for an increase in the penis girth, a large array of techniques have come and gone, but offering little help. Even though they are said to be non-surgical, either the results acquired are not satisfactory or they are accompanied by unpleasant side -effects. The need of the hour is a safe, natural penis enlargement treatment that has provided a ray of hope to the million men who wish to permanently increase their penis size without any side-effects.

Safe Penis Enlargement Solutions – Nature offsets chemical Drugs:
There are a number of natural penis enlargement treatment options which assures proven, guarantee results. Clinical trials and studies reveal that penis growth of up to 3 inches is possible in just around 4 months. Besides, the penis also gains 25% thickness.

Herbal pills are available that permanently enlarges the penis size. They are completely safe and effective and work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. These pills to enlarge penis size are available online. You do not prescription; all that you need to do is place your order online and get them delivered at your doorstep in complete discretion and privacy.