Best Penis Enlargement Sans Pills

There is nothing wrong in wanting a larger penis. Enhancing any part of your body is now pretty popular world over. There is however, a bit of a hesitation when it comes to the penis. You have to know that it is just another body part and there is nothing wrong in wanting to modify it a but. Considering it is seldom discussed, information on it is a little scarce. However, there are a few best penis enlargement techniques that do not necessarily use pills.

The most commonly touted means of penis enlargement is of course the pills. There are so many and if you are really interested in increasing your size, then you will know most brands. However, are you really sure of its ability to give you what you want.

You should know that these enhancement pills are normally a mix of some exotic sounding herbs. Anyone can be taken in by their names. What these do is just give you are temporary hand with your erection. The result is in no ways guaranteed to be permanent. You also have to be careful of a number of synthetic products that go into these pills. The herbal ones could be tried if you really want to experiment otherwise its best to stick to good old exercise routines.

Even doctors will tell you that length extender exercises are a better option. In about 3 to 6 months, you should see a difference. One such exercise can be done this way. Sit down on the edge of chair or you could stand up as well. Your penis has to be flaccid. Hold the tip of your penis in one hand tightly and with the other grip over your hand. Pull your penis in front of you till you feel a stretch. Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat around 10 times. Increase the intensity each time you do this.

Once your penis is relaxed slap it on your thigh till you feel a good blood flow. Rest a while and repeat this exercise up, down and to the left and right.Next grip your penis and rotate it clockwise and anti clockwise 30 times each in 5 repeats each side. This is the best penis enlargement exercise you can work with