All Natural Quick Male Enlargement – Penis Enlargement Exercises

Hey, Scott here. Last week I received an email from one of my subscribers asking if there were any products that offered all natural quick male enlargement. He exclaimed how he had tried male enlargement pills and eventually a penile extender but even after 9 weeks of using the device his size did not improve one bit. So I did the man a solid by telling him about the penis exercise program that I used to permanently enlarge my penis.

Needless to say he was fascinated by the idea of all natural male enlargement by simply doing penis exercises for 6 minutes a day, especially after his past experiences with enhancement pills and traction devices. A month later I received a thank you email from the very same guy. Apparently he had been very self-conscious about the size of his penis, so when the penis exercises started to work he became very emotional. He said it felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders. I smiled, remembering how I had felt the same way when I first noticed that my penis was getting longer and thicker within a few weeks of doing male enlargement exercises.

Penis exercises are probably the safest and most effective option for natural male enlargement and although there are some risks to using this method, there is little chance of injury so long as you use the right techniques. Before you do any type of penis exercises you must first execute a “warm up” by wrapping a warm wet towel around the shaft and head of your penis. This relaxes and prepares the soft muscle tissue and blood vessels for exercises while helping to prevent injury. Be careful not to use too much heat or else you may get blisters on your penis. The warm up process is then repeated after each exercise to further stimulate penile growth.

There are a few male enlargement pills and penile extenders that actually work, although they will only provide temporary improvements at best. While most male enlargement pills are safe to use, extenders can cause major health problems like bruising, blisters, and even impotence. Male enlargement creams can also provide a temporary increase in penis size, although they carry the same risks as using pills when you consider that most of these creams have not been tested for long term side effects.

Anyways, after experiencing such dramatic improvements with penis enlargement exercises, I would never advise using anything else for natural male enlargement. Penis exercises are safe, cost effective and best of all… the results are permanent. Penile exercises have also proven to be a very effective method for curing other male issues like premature ejaculation, curvature, impotence and other forms of erectile dysfunction.