About Male Enhancement Exercises

If we are talking about Male Enhancement Exercises we are referring to what is also called Penis Exercises (or short: PE) or Jelqing. Those are exercises which are supposed to make your penis bigger in length as well as in girth.

You might know those various advertisements for other enlargement methods like penis pills,  pumps, hangers and stretchers. There are several reasons why we prefer the male enhancement exercises over those methods:

– Most penis pills just don’t work. Simple.

– Penis pumps, hangers and stretchers can be dangerous and they can cause harm and irreversible damage to the penis.

– Surgery only means that the ligaments are cut with the result that the penis will “hang lower”. But it does in no way increase penis length or girth!

The preferred method to really and permanently gain size is therefore using those natural penis exercises. Those have actually proven to work and sometimes results can come in surprisingly little time.

However, you need to be careful also with those natural male enhancement exercises. Those jelqing exercises can cause serious damage. The penis with its sensitive inner parts can be permanently damaged if exercises are just plain wrong or come with unclear instructions. There is a staggering amount of so called “PE web sites” where amateurs recommend techniques to make the penis bigger – but such untested techniques and advice by amateurs is often the reason for unpleasant surprises.

It can happen you spend months and months on a routine without seeing results, or it can happen that those sensitive penis tissues get stretched and weak, resulting in the exact opposite of what you actually want to achieve.